David Outterside has an excellent reputation, particularly in front of the jury. He has been involved in some of the most serious, high profile, and complex cases over the past decade.

David works nationally and has conducted trials across the UK. He specialises in jury trials involving fatality, the most serious and sensitive sexual allegations, organised crime and firearm work, as well as large conspiracy cases involving particular complexities and expert evidence. Clients know they’re in safe hands.

Notable Cases

  • R v Moumeche (2023)

    Trial. Junior alone. Trial Judge HHJ Shaun Smith KC. Prosecuting a Silk. Single punch Manslaughter of pensioner in Derby bus station by 16 year old boy. Awaiting sentence.

  • R v Roberts (2023)

    Plea. Junior Alone. Defence. Judge Adkin KC at Durham Crown Court. Defendant serving a life sentence tried to cut off another inmate’s head. Remarkably, Victim survived. Other indictments of s18 on prisoner and attempt 18 on HMP Frankland prison officer. New life sentence passed. Serving at HMP Wakefield in perpetuity.

  • R v Layton (2021)
  • R v Murray (2020)

    Trial. Defence. Led by Michael Auty KC. Two drive by shootings with firearms. 6 month trial tried by Mr Justice Morris.

  • R v Barton (2017)

    Trial. Defence. Led by Peter Joyce KC. Five handed case. Tried by Mr Justice Jay. Torture and murder of a man at his Nottingham home in the course of a robbery.

  • R v Maylor (2014)

    Trial. Defence. Led by Malcolm Swift KC at Sheffield Crown Court. Alleged murder in a prison cell at HMP Lindholme.

  • R v Kuzmarskis & Zaremba (2010)

    Trial. Prosecution. Led by Greg Dickinson KC at Leicester Crown Court. Two handed manslaughter of a man in Leicestershire. Awarded red bag.

Notable Cases

  • R v Wheelhouse (2022-2023)

    Trial. Defence. One of two lead Defendants in this 2 month conspiracy. 6 Defendants in the trial. Tried by the Recorder of Nottingham – HHJ Nirmal Shant KC. Cut throat with other lead Defendant represented by Silk.

  • R v Charnelle Harris (2021)

    Trial. Defence. Two men kneecapped a rival Nottingham drug dealer with a handgun. Tried by former Recorder of Nottingham HHJ Greg Dickinson KC. Represented the estranged girlfriend with whom they immediately sought refuge. Assist offender.

  • R v Lisa Unwin (2020)

    Trial. Defence. Tried by HHJ Burgess. 1 month conspiracy trial. Cut short by the pandemic.

  • R v Sarah Burgess (2019)

    Trial. Tried by HHJ Sampson. Nottingham. Three Defendants drove in to Radford, Nottingham and discharged a loaded shotgun as a warning to rival drug dealers.

  • R v Alyas (2015)

    Trial. 3 month 15 handed trial. HHJ Greg Dickinson KC. Cut throat defence. Two rival groups. 5 v 10. Represented the lead Defendant of the smaller group. Leading cut throat against 10 Defendants.

Notable Cases

  • R v W (2023)

    Prosecution. Tried by HHJ Coupland in August 2023. 3 adult Complainants making historic allegations. One of which was a learning disabled autistic man with an IQ of 45.

  • R v R (2023)

    Defence. Man alleged to have raped his best friend after an evening’s drinking.

  • R v S (2023)

    Defence. Student accused of choking and raping his ‘casual partner’ in halls of residence at the University of Nottingham.

  • R v L (2022)

    Defence. Tried by HHJ Coupland. Stepfather raping his stepdaughter from the age of 7 – 20 years old. She bore his child. He made her lie about paternity. Beat and abused her throughout her life. 26 year sentence.

  • R v W (2022)

    Defence. Tried by HHJ Mayo. Defendant accused of sexually assaulting and raping 3 Complainants. The oldest allegation was a rape in 1972.

  • R v U (2022)

    Prosecution. This Defendant watched a drunk woman enter her address in Lincoln. Followed her into the flat and anally raped her. Tried by HHJ Katrina Sjolin-Knight at Lincoln Crown Court.

  • R v G (2022)

    Prosecution. Tried by HHJ Katrina Sjolin-Knight. Defendant accused of raping his partner as she slept and filming it.

  • R v B (2021)

    Plea. Prosecution. Defendant raped his wife and filmed the ordeal. He tried to cut off her thumb. Sentenced by former Recorder of Lincoln HHJ Pini KC.

  • R v H (2021)

    Plea. Prosecution. Man attempted to rape a drunk woman who was lying unconscious on a Lincoln street.

  • R v C (2019)

    Defence. Accused of historic rapes on two Complainants and a recent sexual assault. Tried by HHJ Burgess.

  • R v S (2018)

    Defence. Accused of raping three child family members. Tried by HHJ Sampson.

  • R v R (2018)

    Prosecution. Tried by Recorder of Nottingham. Very high profile Nottingham case. Imam of the Sneinton Mosque sexually abused a boy in his prayer class some 30 years or so ago.

  • R v R (2018)

    Defence. Tried by HHJ Sampson. Rape of Defendant’s biological daughter throughout childhood.

  • R v C (2016)

    Defence. Tried by HHJ Egbuna at Derby Crown Court. Defendant raped both his daughters from a young age, one of which bore his child.

  • R v M (2015)

    Defence. Stranger rape on a Derby cycle track in 2001. A DNA hit led to the Defendant who by this time was living at the other end of the Country. Tried by HHJ Sampson.

Notable Cases

  • R v Kahsai (2023)

    Defence. Tried by HHJ Watson. Two Defendants accused of offering to supply cocaine to a student in Nottingham City Centre. An argument developed whereupon the co-Defendant punched the Victim and killed him. Represented this Defendant for offer to supply only, but a very sensitive trial.

  • R v Holbrook (2023)

    Defence. To be tried in June 2024. Kilos of class A brought in to the UK through Liverpool. Multi million pound operation. Ongoing.

  • R v Bullivant (2018)

    Defence. Tried by HHJ Coupland in a one month trial in Nottingham.

Notable Cases

  • R v Haslam (2023)

    Plea. 19 year old Defendant killed his best friend in an accident. The Solicitor General appeared in person in the Court of Appeal to seek an increase to the 2 year 8 month sentence. Temporarily the guideline case for category 2 and 3 death by dangerous driving offences before the new definitive guideline was published in June 2023.

  • R v Stokes (2023)

    Plea. A young mother lost control of her car on a County Durham road and killed her 3 year old child and her cousin. Several other road users seriously injured. Sentenced by HHJ Adkin KC at Durham Crown Court.

  • R v Caraleaunu (2019)

    Trial. Ultimately resolved. Led by Martin Heslop KC. The Defendant ran over the Deceased on a park and ride car park in Nottingham. The trial was heard by Mr Justice Smith.

  • 2023 – Adam Wilson – Trading Standards regulatory offences.
  • 2023 – Daniel Henson – s20 sentence.
  • 2023 – Liam Haslam – Defending against the Solicitor General seeking to increase.
  • 2022 – Heather McGrory – Reduction of pregnant woman’s conspiracy class A.
  • 2021 – Richard Savage – robbery in the home with an imitation firearm.

Practice Areas

Appointments & Memberships

  • CPS Level 4 Panel Advocate
  • CPS Specialist Panel: Rape and serious sexual offences

Publications & Speaking

  • Criminal Law Week – Issue 23 21st June 2023
  • Guest comment page Penned following the Court of Appeal appearance in Haslam (above).

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