One of the most highly-regarded juniors on the North Eastern Circuit, Tom has been regularly recommended as a leading individual for criminal law in legal directories for several years (Legal 500 2011 – 2020; Chambers & Partners 2013 – 2020).  He both prosecutes and defends, and is often instructed as leading junior in cases of substance.  He is a member of the CPS general prosecution panel (level 4), serious organised crime panel and rape panel; he is one of only a few counsel nationwide with Developed Vetting (DV) security clearance.

Tom has considerable experience of dealing with cases involving organised criminality, such as the wholesale supply of controlled drugs, movement and use of firearms and significant fraudulent activity.  He is also frequently sought-after in cases involving serious sexual offences and those involving individuals suffering from serious mental health difficulties.

Notable Cases

  • R v BY

    Attempted murder of member of rival gang by youth defendant; complainant refused to co-operate with prosecution.  Issues relating to extent of admissibility of “gang-related” bad character evidence.

  • R v Stanfield

    Attempted murder case involving unprovoked attack upon Defendant’s flatmate with machete.  Defence at trial was that injuries were self-inflicted; subsequent trial of issue needed at sentence, due to D’s account changing to allege that he had been provoked as result of being raped by his victim.

Notable Cases

  • R v Stuart Cheesman (Warwick CC)

    Represented one of two brothers contracted to nation-wide metal recycling company, charged with Health & Safety at Work Act offences in relation to death of colleague/sub-contractor; company separately charged in same proceedings.  Issues relating to contractors’ liability for unsafe working practices under the Act.

Notable Cases

  • R v Andrew Johnson

    Allegation of causing death by dangerous driving, in which defendant was “towing” deceased’s motorcycle; manoeuvre involved deceased holding onto rear grab bar on defendant’s motorcycle with one hand, steering his own motorcycle with the other; deceased lost control, and fell to the road, suffering fatal head injuries.

  • R v Amanda Benfold-Coultas

    Allegation of causing death by careless driving.  Defendant driving her vehicle out of space in supermarket car park, said to have collided with elderly man crossing the lane to her right; he fell to ground, suffering internal head injuries from which he later died.  Issues relating to causation, given pre-existing medical condition and fall earlier that day at home.

Notable Cases

  • R v Peter Turner (Gregory Carroll)

    Non-recent (1980’s) sexual abuse of former pupils at Ampleforth College public school by former monk and teacher at school; offences also committed upon altar boys in parish in Cumbria to which D had been sent by the school when abuse first complained of.  D had previously been prosecuted for abuse on other former pupils in 2005; consideration of autrefois convict doctrine in relation to way case was run.

  • R v Hoban & others

    Prosecution of 6 members of paedophile hunting organisation “Predator Exposure” for false imprisonment and assault of two people they were conducting targeted “stings” upon.

  • R v Clark

    High-profile case of school-teacher inciting dozens of pupils at his school to engage in online sexual activity.  Similar offending with hundreds of Skype contacts both nationally and internationally, involving inciting others to commit “first generation” sexual offences involving young children and to disseminate footage of abuse.

  • R v Rehman & others

    High-profile case involving trafficking and associated sexual offences committed upon 13 year-old girl who ran away from home and was found 12 days later in another city.  Convictions upheld by Court of Appeal: R v Rehman, Rashid & Ali [2017] EWCA Crim 106Leading junior.

  • R v Atkinson

    Former school teacher charged with historic sexual abuse of two boys who were pupils at preparatory schools in Hampshire and North Yorkshire.

  • R v S

    Allegations of rape and other sexual abuse committed upon D’s daughter when she was aged 5-15, and upon two other local children.

Notable Cases

  • R v Mark Davey & others

    8-handed conspiracy to supply Class A drugs from West Yorkshire to locations stretching across north of England: Blackpool, Hull, Scarborough.  Combination of observation evidence, seizures of drugs and cash, telephone linking and cell-site evidence.  Leading junior.

  • R v Dear & others

    14-handed conspiracy to supply Class A drugs in York area over 10-month period.  First defendant absconded prior to conclusion of trial, and convicted in absence.  Extensive covert observation and phone linking evidence.  Subsequent POCA proceedings involved finding of hidden assets.  Leading junior.

  • R v Smith & others

    Conspiracy to supply Class A controlled drugs throughout South and North Yorkshire over 14-month period.  Considerable covert observation, cell site and phone linking evidence involved.  Leading junior.

  • R v W-L & others

    Conspiracy to supply Class A controlled drugs in the North Yorkshire area over 8-month period.  Observation, phone linking and cell site evidence.

Notable Cases

  • R v Neville Mujikwa & others

    7-handed conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation and associated money-laundering offences.  Email communications of various international businesses (including the BBC) were intercepted, resulting in funds being paid into an account set up for the purpose in West Yorkshire.  Money then laundered through various accounts held by defendants, and also accounts opened in false identities.  Leading junior.

  • R v Dianna Turner

    Offence of fraud committed by carer upon vulnerable supported residents of care home in Sheffield; over £900,000 stolen over nine-year period, and then laundered through accounts held by Defendant’s brothers.

  • R v Mujikwa & others

    Conspiracy to commit fraud and associated money laundering offences; email accounts of international companies (including BBC) hacked, leading to payments being made to account controlled by conspirators, before being siphoned through accounts held by others.  Leading junior.

Notable Cases

  • R v Jade Brannan & others

    10-handed conspiracy to steal goods from lorries and trailers parked overnight in service stations across UK; offences ranged throughout Hampshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, West Midlands.

  • R v Jenna Davies, Mark Davies, Kai Kennedy, Harry Mahoney, Owen Walcott

    Conspiracy to rob, involving firearm and machete used to inflict injuries on victim; high-value Porsche car parts stolen from Leeds industrial unit by organised criminals from Manchester.  Case involved telephone linking and cell-site evidence, overlain with ANPR evidence.

  • R v Hutchinson & others

    Conspiracy to rob.  Planned and targeted knife-point robbery of wealthy business-man and wife in their own home at night.  Jewellery worth over £500,000 stolen and serious injuries inflicted on victim.  Telephone contact, and cell-site evidence, overlaid with ANPR evidence.

Notable Cases

  • R v John Kitchen & Kieran Marshall

    Armed robberies/ram raids on Leeds travel agent and jewellery shop.  Forensic evidence linking Ds to offence, facial recognition evidence called at trial.

Notable Cases

  • R v Nriapia & others

    Conspiracy to possess prohibited firearm and ammunition; sawn-off shotgun and cartridges in process of being supplied from West Yorkshire to others in Humberside.

  • R v Harrison

    Multiple cases relating to the possession of illegal firearms; D was a known armourer and supplier to organised crime groups across the North of England of shortened or re-activated firearms and ammunition.

Notable Cases

  • R v Blamire & others

    Conspiracy to commit fraud by abuse of position, relating to operation of procurement process conducted by West Yorkshire Police for vehicle-recovery contracts.  Subsequent Proceeds of Crime Act proceedings involving issues relating to corporate involvement (“piercing the corporate veil”).  Led junior.

Notable Cases

  • AB-C (Leeds Crown Court

    49-year old mother of six, of entirely good character, charged with causing death of 82-year old man by careless driving.  Alleged to have knocked decased over in supermarket carpark.  Issues relating to causation (involving neuropathology experts as well as collision investigation experts) and as to factual findings.  Defendant acquitted upon successful submission of no case to answer at conclusion of prosecution evidence.

  • MS (Newcastle Crown Court)

    Lorry-driver of good character, charged with causing serious injury by dangerous driving.  His vehicle driven into whilst stationary on edge of A19 dual carriageway as he investigated safety of load on his flat-bed lorry.  Injured driver of second vehicle had been charged with careless driving.  After several hearings, and obtaining of expert collision investigator’s report, Prosecution dropped case, offering no evidence.

  • NW (Leeds Crown Court)

    Defendant charged with causing death by careless driving.  Turning right at set of traffic lights; deceased motorcyclist heading towards Defendant at speed in excess of speed limit (agreed expert evidence was that he had been travelling at 38-47mph in a 30mph zone).  Defendant’s account was that he began his turn, & then saw a headlight in the distance; he thought he had enough time to complete his turn, so continued, and was then struck to rear near-side of his vehicle by the motorcycle.  Defendant was acquitted after trial.

  • JP (Newcastle Crown Court)

    HGV-driver, charged with causing serious injury by dangerous driving.  His vehicle developed a fault such that it was unable to travel at speeds greater than about 20mph, and less when travelling uphill; it also emitted large clouds of black smoke.  Nevertheless, he continued on a journey at night, along the A19 dual carriageway, and a following vehicle drove into the rear of his lorry, causing serious injury to driver.  Following two lengthy conferences, Defendant pleaded guilty to offence; subsequent custodial sentence and length of disqualification successfully appealed.

  • GD (Bradford Crown Court)

    Solicitor, charged with causing death by dangerous driving.  Alleged to have “jumped red lights” in heavy traffic, prior to being struck by vehicle turning across his path from opposite direction; resulting collision forced Defendant’s vehicle to nearside, colliding with 78-year old lady waiting to cross at lights.  Following site-visit, and cross-examination of Prosecution eye-witnesses, submission of no case to answer made at conclusion of Prosecution evidence; upheld by judge and Defendant acquitted.



Acts for both the defence and the prosecution in a broad range of general criminal cases. He specialises in large-scale, serious criminal matters and is well respected for his deft handling of highly sensitive cases'.
Chambers and Partners 2022

A seasoned and astute practitioner with a keen eye for detail and an impressive ability at mastering large cases under pressure of time. ’
Legal 500 2022

"He is excellent - very intelligent and presents his cases fantastically well."
Chambers and Partners 2021 (Crime)

Approachable, polished and effective in court’
Legal 500 2021 (Crime)

He is a highly experienced advocate with a keen eye for detail. His manner in court is exceptional.
Chambers and Partners 2020

A junior who acts for both the defence and the prosecution in a broad range of general criminal cases. He specialises in large-scale, serious criminal matters and is well respected for his deft handling of highly sensitive cases. He is also noted for handling cases involving serious sexual offences.'
Chambers and Partners 2020

Approachable, polished and effective in court
Legal 500 2020

Extremely intelligent, with a strong work ethic
Legal 500

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Appointments & Memberships

  • CPS Counter Terrorism Panel (Level 4)
  • CPS General Prosecution Panel (Level 4)
  • CPS Serious Organised Crime Panel (Level 4)
  • CPS Rape Panel

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